LG’s Latest Barn Project – A Labor of Love for Lyman – a 26 foot Lyman Sleeper

At LG, we love working with wood, even in our spare time. This past year our founder, Lyman Gilbert, came across an old wooden boat near the Thousand Islands, on the St Lawrence Seaway.  When he found that the boat and he shared the same name, Lyman, he couldn’t resist trying to revive this old beauty. Below are some photos of the project as it progressed from our first inspection of the Lyman until we were able to take her out on the lake!

About the Boat

Originally built in 1968, the Lyman 26 Sleeper was very popular across the Great Lakes and the maker,  Lyman Boat Works, dates back to 1875.  Lymans were legendary for their defined lapstrake hull design and sturdy frames which could withstand the harsh and rough conditions of the upper mid-west, particularly in the Great Lakes.  All manufacturing was done by hand at the Lyman plant in Sandusky, Ohio.

The Condition of the Boat

We received the boat and checked it out before getting it ready to be towed to our workshop in Southbury, CT. As we soon learned, due to wear and tear over the years, the boat was found to have a fair amount of rot on the bottom, sides, and in the bow area, below the waterline.

Checking the boat as we received it from the seller, and lifting it for inspection and so we could tow it away.

Upon Further Examination

Moreover, the entire transom was rotted out. However, upon careful inspection, it was determined that the ‘bones of the boat’ were in good order and the original engine still had compression and with some minor tune ups, could be put back into good working order.

Examining the inner workings of the boat and beginning to strip out the rotted areas in our workshop.

The Tear-down Begins

Next came the task of removing all the rotted areas from the boat and seeing what could be done to extend the life of the remaining structure.

Removing and checking all the wood from bow to stern on the boat to make sure there was no hidden rot or other defects, as well as starting to redo the stern area of the boat.

Re-crafting a Masterpiece

Once we had stripped the Lyman down to its bones, we started out cutting new, treated wood to replace the rotted area as well as sanding older areas to make sure we had a new surface to work with.

Various stages of replacement, repair, and construction of new parts for the boat.

Rebuilding & Repainting

After making sure all traces of rot and any other issues were cleared, we then started to fit both our new constructed pieces as well as any salvageable parts onto the boat. After sealing and staining, we then started to put on a brand new coat of paint to make the Lyman stand out even more.

Putting back the framework and structure of the hull, sealing and staining the woodwork, and putting on a brand new paint job.

Bringing the Lyman Home

Once all the interior and exterior work was done, all that was needed was a quick hoist and wash. From there all it took was a trip to nearby Lake Zoar, and our Lyman was ready to steal the show.  She runs strong at 22 knots and she’s been a great head-turner, fast becoming the lady of the lake! We had an amazing first year with the boat. Now back in our shop for the winter, we cant wait to get her out on the lake this summer.

A quick rinse down and she’s ready for the lake!
Enjoying our finished Lyman on Lake Zoar!

– Lyman Gilbert & Team LG Building  & LG Handyman Services

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